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Complaints against Immigration Advisers Authority staff

The Immigration Advisers Authority is a part of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.

All Authority staff must adhere to a code of conduct.  The code of conduct states that in its dealing with others, staff should:

The Authority expects high professional standards of its staff, in the same way that it expects high standards of licensed immigration advisers.  If an adviser or other member of the public is unhappy with the behaviour of a member of the Authority, they can make a complaint about that person.

What can a complaint be about?

A complaint may be about:

  1. Service level – i.e. timeliness
  2. Lack of action from the Authority
  3. Allegation against a staff member of the Authority
  4. Policy/process.

How can a complaint be raised?

A complaint may be received verbally or in writing. If it is received verbally, details of the problem will be recorded by the manager.

A person wishing to make a complaint should email the Authority at info@iaa.govt.nz and indicate the nature of their complaint and who it is about.

Alternatively, they may call the Authority on 0508 422 422 and provide the same information to the staff member’s manager.

The manager will send a complaint acknowledgement letter within 24 hours of receiving the complaint.

The complaint will then be internally investigated, and the complainant will receive a reply within 15 working days.  If the complainant is not satisfied with the outcome of their complaint, they can escalate the complaint to the next tier manager.