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Not-for-profit scholarship for the Graduate Diploma in New Zealand Immigration Advice (Level 7)

TheToi Ohomai Institute of Technology is offering one scholarship each year for a student of the Graduate Diploma in New Zealand Immigration Advice (Graduate Diploma) who intends to provide New Zealand immigration advice on a not-for-profit basis while working or volunteering for a not-for-profit organisation in New Zealand.

The scholarship will cover the student’s domestic tuition fees for one year for the Graduate Diploma.

Before applying to the Polytechnic for the scholarship, the applicant must have their not-for-profit status pre-approved by the Authority.

Applicants wishing to apply for a scholarship must apply to the Authority for pre-approval. The Authority will undertake to assess this pre-approval within two months, only where all information requested is provided upfront.

Criteria for pre-approval of not-for-profit status

Applicants must be employees of, or volunteers working for, an organisation operating on a not-for-profit basis.

A not-for-profit organisation is:

How to apply

Applicants will need to write to the Authority requesting pre-approval of their not-for-profit status for the purpose of applying for the Polytechnic’s not-for-profit scholarship. They will need to provide the following information to the Authority with their letter:

If the application is approved by the Authority, the applicant may then apply to the Polytechnic for the scholarship in the next available intake.

Eligibility criteria for the scholarship

To be eligible for consideration for the award of the scholarship, applicants must provide the Polytechnic with:

More information is available here.