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Continuing Professional Development

Advisers must engage in 20 hours of relevant and acceptable Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activities every year to assist them to maintain and develop their skills and knowledge as an immigration adviser.

Immigration Advisers Competency Standards

Section 36 of the Immigration Advisers Licensing Act 2007 requires the Registrar of Immigration Advisers to develop and maintain a set of competency standards and, amongst other things, states that these competency standards must set out the rules and criteria relating to continuing professional development, required of a licensed immigration adviser.

Competency standard 7 of the Immigration Advisers Competency Standards requires advisers to have completed at least 20 hours of professional development activities, undertaken in the last 12 months.

CPD requirements have changed

New CPD requirements were introduced on 26 November 2015. Read our CPD Toolkit to understand the new requirements. You can also watch a two-hour webinar talking through the CPD Toolkit here.