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Here you can update your personal and contact details and view your licence records. To view copies of applications submitted go to application history.

Please remember to keep your email address current as this is the main way that the Authority will communicate with you.

If any of your contact details change you are required to update them immediately here using your username and password. For any other change in circumstances please contact us. There is no cost to update your details with us.

A change in circumstances means:

Under section 77(2)(a) of the Act, the purpose of the register is to enable members of the public to know how to contact a licensed immigration adviser and to facilitate the compliance, audit and other supporting and administrative functions of the Registrar. The register must show a business and service address for the applicant.

Under section 26 of the Immigration Advisers Licensing Act 2007, the applicant must inform the Authority if they work for any other businesses. If the applicant is working for any other businesses at the time of applying for a licence, they must provide the contact details and addresses for the other business(es).

If your legal names changes, you can let us know by updating your personal details and submitting appropriate evidence to us. Once your request is approved we will update the register.

You can update your photo at any renewal and must update it at least once every three years. We cannot update your photo at any other time.

To view any change of details requests you have submitted, click on application history.