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Judicial and tribunal decisions

Tribunal decisions

Complaints about licensed immigration advisers are heard by the Immigration Advisers Complaints and Disciplinary Tribunal. You can search past decisions on the Tribunal’s website.

Judicial decisions

The District Court of New Zealand hears:

Licensing decision appeals made to the District Court Doc size and type

KHETARPAL Apurva, Appellant

pdf, 13 pages, 1.1MB

SHAHADAT Mohammed, Appellant

pdf, 17 pages, 1.6MB

SILBERY Josephine Christine, Appellant

pdf, 6 pages, 342kB

AUSTIN Maurice Arthur, Appellant

pdf, 9 pages, 260kB

NAGRA Manj, Appellant

pdf, 14 pages, 124kB

TAUFA Marilyn Vineeta, Appellant

pdf, 23 pages, 717kB

SINGH Daljit, Appellant

pdf, 20 pages, 1.1MB


Criminal Proceedings Media releases
Alison Yang

$7,000 fine imposed after three-year immigration advice case

Menefata Toso Unlicensed immigration adviser sentenced to home detention
Khadijah Lolohea

Tongan woman admits guilt in widespread immigration scam

Woman sentenced to community detention for immigration scam in Tongan community

Jotame (Nadumu) Tavisoro Convicted and discharged
Tengyu Yuan

Chinese national pleads guilty to $100,000 immigration scam

Company director sentenced for $100,000 immigration scam

Kauapi Salanoa

Tuvaluan ‘prince’ ordered to repay victims

Hakaoro Hakaoro

South Auckland man pleads guilty

Auckland man jailed after Pacific Island overstayers speak out

District Court decision appealed, Court of Appeal dismissed appeal.

Richard Martin

Alleged unlicensed adviser faces 91 charges

Former lawyer charged by Immigration Advisers Authority

Former immigration lawyer guilty of 93 charges


Appeals against Tribunal sanctions made to the District Court Doc size and type
WANG Zhirong (Gordon) pdf, 15 pages, 1.5MB
McHUGH Anneline Joanna pdf, 14 pages, 220kB
YAP Christine Lai Chun pdf, 24 pages, 2.3MB
PRAKASH Richard pdf, 11 pages, 511kB


The High Court of New Zealand hears appeals on a question of law and Judicial Reviews.


High Court decisions on questions of law Doc size and type
YAP Christine Lai Chun pdf, 5 pages, 63kB
NAGRA Manj pdf, 15 pages, 482kB


High Court Judicial Reviews Doc size and type
LOH Bae Lian and GU-CHANG Sammi pdf, 18 pages, 170kB