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28 Mar 2018 Woman pleads guilty to three charges of unlawful immigration advice
27 Mar 2018 Unlicensed immigration adviser prosecuted for multiple offences


Date Subject
8 Feb 2018 Unlicensed woman charged with asking for fee for immigration advice
7 Feb 2018 Education agent charged for unlicensed immigration advice
28 Nov 2017 Migrants satisfied with licensed immigration advisers worldwide
23 Nov 2017 Unlicensed immigration adviser sentenced to home detention for providing advice in Pacific community
27 Sep 2017 IAA tells Filipinos “check your immigration adviser is licensed or exempt”
30 Aug 2017 Auckland woman admits guilt to providing illegal immigration advice in Pacific community
21 Jul 2017 $7,000 fine imposed after three-year immigration advice case
15 Jun 2017 Auckland woman faces 22 charges for providing illegal immigration advice in Pacific community
29 Mar 2017 Travel Agents warned not to risk unlawful immigration advice
18 Jan 2017 IAA to build Pacific Island awareness of licensed immigration advisers
17 Aug 2016 Immigration Advisers Authority Registrar to speak in Timaru
15 Jul 2016 Unlicensed immigration adviser sentenced to home detention
8 Apr 2016 Unlicensed immigration adviser from Porirua pleads guilty to 10 charges
7 Mar 2016 Licensed Immigration Advisers in India protecting migrants to New Zealand
4 Sep 2015 Charges laid against unlicensed immigration adviser from Porirua
4 Sep 2015 Migrants highly satisfied with licensed immigration advisers
17 Apr 2015 Unlicensed immigration adviser receives further jail term
12 Nov 2014 Unlicensed immigration adviser sentenced to more than three and a half years jail
3 Nov 2014 Charges laid against South Auckland unlicensed immigration adviser
27 Aug 2014 Licensed advisers highly valued by migrants
19 Aug 2014 New Guides to help migrants seeking immigration advice
17 Jul 2014 Unlicensed immigration adviser convicted and fined $10,000
23 Jun 2014 Former immigration lawyer guilty of 93 charges
9 Apr 2014 Migrant guide to licensed immigration advisers out now
3 Mar 2014 Daljit Singh licence refused
22 Jan 2014 Auckland man jailed after Pacific Island overstayers speak out
10 Jan 2014 Licensed immigration advisers to meet new professional standards
24 Dec 2013 Migrants warned to avoid unlicensed immigration advisers
18 Dec 2013 Former lawyer charged by Immigration Advisers Authority
18 Oct 2013 Company director sentenced for $100,000 immigration scam
10 Oct 2013 South Auckland man pleads guilty
28 Aug 2013 High migrant satisfaction with licensed immigration advisers
22 Aug 2013 Two charged with defrauding vulnerable migrants of over $50,000
20 Aug 2013 Immigration adviser barred for serious misconduct
09 Aug 2013 Chinese national pleads guilty to $100,000 immigration scam
19 Jul 2013 Christchurch immigration adviser guilty of exploiting client
4 Jul 2013 Licensed immigration adviser responsible for ‘systematic exploitation of a vulnerable migrant’
4 Jun 2013 Licensed immigration adviser loses licence after exploiting vulnerable woman
28 May 2013 Woman sentenced to home detention for immigration scam in Tongan community
9 May 2013 Immigration adviser stripped of licence for withholding passport
21 Feb 2013 Tongan woman admits guilt in widespread immigration scam
8 Feb 2013 Home detention and reparation order for unlicensed immigration adviser
9 Nov 2012 Tuvaluan ‘prince’ ordered to repay victims
29 Oct 2012 Immigration Advisers ordered to refund clients
11 Oct 2012 Former immigration adviser to pay quarter of a million dollars
18 Sep 2012 Tribunal reprimands immigration adviser for negligence
12 Jun 2012 Immigration adviser ordered to pay $10,500
12 Apr 2012 Immigration Advisers ordered to pay $21,000
11 Jan 2012 Alleged unlicensed adviser faces 91 charges
Nov 2011 Tribunal finds ‘systematic dishonesty’ at Sea Consultants and Investments Ltd
Nov 2011 Offshore temporary visa changes
Nov 2011 Applications open for Immigration Advice qualification
27 Oct 2011 Justice for migrant duped by immigration consultancy
19 Oct 2011 Justice for overstayers
23 Sep 2011 Immigration adviser ordered to pay $35,000
18 Aug 2011 Immigration adviser ordered to pay compensation
8 Sep 2011 Bad Advice Wrecks Lives
25 Aug 2011 Tongan visa scam condemned as 'despicable'