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Roles and responsibilities of the supervisor

Clause 12

A supervisor must:

  1. hold a full immigration adviser licence
  2. ensure that any fees charged are fair and reasonable in the circumstances
  3. act in accordance with the supervision agreement as approved by the Registrar of Immigration Advisers
  4. preserve the confidentiality of the provisional licence holder’s clients
  5. where there is a close personal relationship with the provisional licence holder, ensure that this does not compromise the supervision agreement between the parties, and
  6. inform the Registrar of Immigration Advisers when any notice is given that the supervision agreement is to be terminated.

Supervisors should be able to justify the supervision fees they have charged. When considering whether to engage a particular supervisor, it may be helpful for a prospective provisional licence holder to consider what they will be able to afford to pay for supervision.

In the Registrar’s model supervision agreement the supervisor agrees to:

In accordance with section 57 of the Act, the Registrar may inspect the records relating to the supervision arrangement.