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Types of licensed immigration advisers

There are three different types of immigration adviser licence.

You should check which type of licence your adviser holds and whether they can deal with your immigration matter.

Immigration adviser licence types

Full Can provide you with advice on all immigration matters
Provisional Can provide you with advice on a full range of immigration matters but must be supervised by a full licence holder
Limited Can only provide you with advice on certain immigration matters

What does a current licence look like?

Your adviser must have a current licence. Licences are valid for one year. To check, you can:

Samples of a certificate and wallet card.

Click image to see larger copy


Only licensed immigration advisers can use the Immigration Advisers Authority Trademark.

Sample fo the Trademark.

Non-current licence

There are several reasons why an adviser’s licence may not be current. The licence status may be expired, surrendered, refused, suspended or cancelled. Find out what these terms mean.